Axilone creates the next generation of packaging aligned with brand identity and positioning. We understand how premium packaging differentiates a brand in a fast changing and competitive landscape.


distinctive products

Axilone creates the next generation of packaging aligned with brand identity and positioning.

Our innovation experts have in mind that beauty brands are facing critical challenges including fast changing competitive landscape, impact of social media in supply chain management, evolution of distribution channels and final user behavior. Axilone continuously develops unique sustainable designs, materials and decorations process.

Aluminum ready-for-recycling lipstick case

In response for more sustainable solutions in the beauty industry, Axilone designed and developed a 100% aluminum premium lipstick case that is ready for recycling. Axilone’s innovative process enables stamp and form mechanism functions in a very thin aluminum foil produced at industrial scale while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

premium digital printing

Axilone introduced premium digital printing to respond to the current fast fashion trends. This process allows for complete late stage customization on metal or plastic. Premium digital printing is available for any custom components or Axilone’s deluxe stock items, including small quantity production.

sustainable, refillable lipstick case

Axilone patented a sustainable refillable premium lipstick case. Each case is designed for multiple use with corresponding refills. Axilone’s sustainable solution is fully customizable and available with snap or magnetic fit.

cap ready for "back to store" programs

This cap is made of 100% recycled PP high density for the inner weight and tinted PP overmolded for the outer. No glue was used during prodution and brands can claim recyclability when partnering with innovative companies such as Terracycle. Axilone was awarded the “MORE” recognition for its aesthetic, durability & functionality.